Planning Ahead

Strategic Planning

We all need a plan

Whether a company is well established or a start-up, strategic planning is vital for a company’s long-term success. A strategy provides the framework: a path to reach the desired outcome in a specific time frame.

A strategy that might have worked in the past can lose relevance due to changing customer behaviour and market places. Strategies require monitoring and measuring, aligning and adaptation; they can be responsive but are successful when they use foresight, and at their best when they set trends.

The strategic process starts with an analysis of internal and external factors that affect the company presently and in the future.


‘Structure and discipline give us freedom.’ Andy Fox

Strategy Services

We help you to define a strategy: a set of quantifiable tactics and action plans to make sure you are on track to reach your business goals.



  • Business Strategy: vision, mission and purpose statement, setting long-term goals 
  • Brand: brand promise, value proposition, brand identity/personality, audiences, management of brand touchpoints 
  • Marketing: marketing planning, mix, channels, case studies, market segmentation, new markets and audiences 
  • CSR Strategy: initiatives that are meaningful and in line with your brand to make a difference  


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