Design & Alter

Marketing, branding and business development

Design & Alter is one of the leading alterations and tailoring services in London. With an in-house made-to-measure department and specialised tailors in alterations of complex fabrics, the company produces high-quality alterations and tailoring offering its premium services to luxury fashion brands, VIPs and private clients.

Client: Design & Alter
Date: 2015-present
Services: Marketing, Brand Management, Business Development


When we joined Design & Alter, the new owners had just finished their takeover and established the company’s new brand identity.

The new brand identity was the starting point to re-position the company as a premium brand inside the alteration industry. The team was looking for support with marketing, brand management and customer-relationship-management (CRM), including regular mailshots using existing client lists. 

After the company had changed its price structure, our biggest challenge was to re-establish price acceptance with existing and new customers.   

The takeover was compounded by an act of physical relocation; the fitting studio and workroom moved into separate buildings. The separation of the departments affected both internal and external communications.


Rebranding means change; change is never easy and demands that all members of staff are on board and willing to take ownership of the process. 

The first step for us was to set up, align and boost the company’s online presence with the website, SEO and SEM, mailshots and social media to create new leads. We managed all content including customer reviews. 

The D&A workroom has a magical sense of creativity. Unfortunately, clients were not able to experience this anymore after the relocation. To make-up for the missing workroom experience, we installed multimedia at the fitting studio and created a narrative of compelling behind-the-scenes visuals showcasing the talent, quality and stunning fabrics. The strategy was also applied to social media. The visuals and slides gave clients a real sense of the magnificent workroom and highlighting where the company’s work had made appearances, including on red carpets and runways. 

We initiated effective promotion cycles and partnerships to retain clients, establish referrals, and introduce the service to new audiences. A systematic approach helped to further build up the customer base of private clients, high-fashion brands and press offices. 

To support customer-facing staff we regularly undertook training to boost confidence and develop skills to help manage customers. 

Several film production companies approached Design & Alter to produce documentaries. They had been attracted by the engaging website which was exciting feedback for us.